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Experience the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos

Welcome to our podcast mixing and mastering services in Dolby Atmos. We understand that creating a high-quality podcast is more than just recording audio, it’s about crafting a listening experience that captivates your audience and keeps them engaged. That’s why we offer a range of professional podcast mixing and mastering services to elevate your audio content to the next level.

Podcast’s flat, 2D audio? With our Dolby Atmos podcast mastering services, you can take your listening experience to new heights. Our engineers will enhance your podcast by adding rich, 3D soundscapes that will immerse your listeners in the environment of your conversation. Consider the sound of a raging fire in a camping scenario or the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis in an interview. We can put these sounds all around the listener using Dolby Atmos technology, producing a completely immersive listening experience. Upgrade to Dolby Atmos to distinguish your podcast in the crowded podcast landscape. Contact us today to discover more about how we can elevate your podcast’s audio quality.”

Binaural interaction

Binaural interaction procedures essentially evaluate how the auditory system processes the interaural time or intensity difference of one auditory event presented to both ears. Binaural interaction tasks require processing the complementary information coming from the two ears following the presentation of one acoustic signal presented simultaneously or sequentially. This is an important auditory ability to, for example, locate sound in the environment (Jutras et al., 2020).

Because our brain compares the sound entering the left and right ear and analyses the difference in level, timing, and frequency created by our head and ear anatomy, we can hear sounds in three dimensions all around us (Konishi, 2006). We may simulate binaural hearing by placing two small microphones in our ears and listening to the recordings through headphones.

Binaural recordings are frequently created with a dummy head (countless examples are available online). However, it is also easy to reproduce binaural recordings using the right software and current technology.

We only need two audio channels to play it back over headphones, and we can create the illusion of music playing around us, as opposed to inside our heads or in only one ear, as with stereo headphones.

Two-channel stereo signals are listened to via stereo headphones. A binaural headset likewise plays back two channels, but a specific binaural signal creates a 3D listening experience.

We can produce binaural audio artificially by processing a signal and placing it anywhere in three-dimensional space. When played through headphones, the sound will appear to emanate from the 3D location where the signal was placed. This is referred to as binaural rendering.

HRTF is a sophisticated mathematical formula used in binaural rendering to simulate the geometry of the head and ears. Because these shapes are unique to everyone, the binaural renderer in most applications employs an average form, with the caveat that the more significant the difference between our own shape and the average shape, the less convincing the 3D experience will seem. Therefore, there are differing opinions regarding how convincing binaural audio sounds are.

The solution is to utilise our own measurements for binaural processing, often known as individualised HRTF (a complex procedure performed in an anechoic room). This technology element is still being developed with large sums of money and effort from many companies. This means Dolby Atmos’ playback will improve significantly over the next few years as it becomes simpler to produce personalized HRTFs and import them into our playback device.

We provide you with:
Dolby Atmos file ADM BWF (Audio Definition Model Broadcast Wave Format) 7.1.4 ready for distribution.
We provide you with:
Binaural Stereo file and if required at no extra cost, 5.1 file and 7.1 file
We provide you with:
The ADM BWF file includes head-tracking integration, which is a must for the Apple Spatial Audio streaming service.
We provide you with:
Our service will allow you to stream your music in Dolby Atmos on streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Vibe, Hungama and Melon
We provide you with:
At Spatial Mastering, we have been involved with Spatial Audio for more than a decade and from the beginning with Dolby Atmos.
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Dolby Atmos Podcast

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Experience the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos