Digital Mastering.

Digital mastering is the final stage of crafting your work to sound better, professional, achieve clearness of your mix and be ready to be distributed, released and streamed.

The process will accomplish an unambiguous sonic characteristic of digital mastering. After your work goes through the process of being digitally mastered at Spatial Mastering, your tracks will also sound enhanced in playback systems ranging from laptops, headphones and club sound systems. 

The mastering of your tracks processed in our state of art studios in London, crafted by our engineers with 40 years of combined experience in the field.  We use a correct balance between digital plugins and analogue hardware in digital mastering.

Digital mastering will increase the perceived loudness in your tracks, and we will take into consideration the loudness. However, you may prefer to focus on clarity, headroom, balance and giving more punch to your tracks.

Each track has different characteristics and identity. We will master your track digitally, and apply on an individual basis as required; multi-band compression, subtractive equalisation, distortion and harmonic generation, frequency enhancement and equalisation, compression, stereo imaging, limiting and metering.

Digital mastering is a complex process that involves a series of variables. With our experience, we can achieve the results that you expect and have your track ready to be streamed, gigged in live events, club sound systems and played across all the media players available on planet earth and elsewhere!